Snow Day

As a young kid, you dreamed about the perfect mix: cloudy skies, brisk temperatures in the air, and the local television and radio meteorologists going crazy predicting an impeding snow storm.

winter-4708076_640.jpgYou’d cross your fingers, pull out the silly rabbit’s foot that you picked up at a Shrine Circus, all hoping against hope for snow when you woke in the morning. The predicted snow amount may have only be an inch or two, but once the meteorologists got involved, you were sure Armageddon was on the way.

“Get to the store. Get your bread, milk and eggs. The world could be coming to an end.”

Yes, I’m talking about a good ole snow day.

Frosty returns

spruce-1848543_640When you were young, you prayed for days like this. You’d hover over the radio hoping to hear your school listed as part of the school cancelations. You didn’t know enough to worry about being the school year being drawn out into the long, hot summer. Your mind was on the here and now and you just wanted off.

You wanted off to skip that English vocabulary quiz. You wanted off to play in the snow, throw snowballs, make a snow man, and better yet, warm up with a warm, hot chocolate.

Later in high school, you got more tactical with your wishes. You didn’t want to be off from school the entire day. You had simpler desires: you just wanted a two-hour delay. You wanted enough snow to mess up the school schedule and make that that Physics teacher reschedule your class’ previously planned exam, but not enough snow to push out the year later into June.

Sunny thoughts

beach-84533_640As an adult, yes, things have changed. Now, I love a little snow on the trees and bushes. The key word there is “little.” I love waking up and seeing how magical the snow can look, but my love comes with conditions. I hate when it piles up on the road and when you have to white-knuckle it driving to or home from work.

All this means that my hometown got its first dusting of this week. Yes, our first real dusting and I’m already done. In fact, I’m ready for different kind of day: A day with 80-degree temperatures, sunny skies, my feet in the sand, and a cool frosty drink ready at my fingertips. Hello Caribbean!

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