Sweet dreams

One night I’m running up a wooded mountain. My arms are pumping, my legs are digging deep, but I’m making little to no progress. I just can’t get anywhere. I look down to see that I’m running on quicksand and, on top of that, my polka dot shorts are starting to fall down. Yea, pink polka dots.

david-marcu-69433-unsplashThe next night, I’m in a plane high above the ground getting ready to jump out into the wild blue yonder. When the plane reaches the right altitude, I take one step and jump. I’m falling fast and when I pull my parachute cord, nothing happens. I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. I think I’m going to die and then finally my Hello Kitty parachute opens up and I land safely on a children’s outdoor bounce house.

polka-dots-2374446_640Finally, a third night, I’m lecturing a college English class and I’m really connecting with the students. I’m humming along, giving the students great lessons on life. They’re getting it. They’re laughing when they should be laughing, they’re asking all the right questions, we’re really hitting it off. I start to puff out my chest like I’m the man and then I look up and notice for the first time that they’re looking behind me at some guy in a Ronald McDonald clown costume.

Dream until the dreams become true

We all have dreams, my dreams lately have been just a little strange in recent weeks. I’m convinced the dreams are trying to tell me something, possibly the numbers to the Mega Millions lottery or the number to Bill Gates safe deposit box. I’m just not sure.

skydiving-603639_640I try to make sense of the dreams, but nothing seems to fit. Frankly, I’m surprised I remember my dreams. I’ve never been one to remember them when I wake. My wife is the expert here. She can tell you every dream she’s had since she was a little girl with braces. I’m usually the exact opposite.

Dream or Nightmare?

In any event, I’ve been reading up on dream interpretation. First off, I was surprised to learn that was a thing. Dreams about falling are supposedly very common. One site I saw took it a step further and said that falling dreams are a sign that something in your life isn’t going well. It even suggested that I might want to rethink a choice or choose a new direction in my life.

beach-coast-flip-flops-65900Hmm, maybe I should rethink that choice to cash in my chips and move to to some distant and uninhabited Caribbean Island.

Another site suggested I might want to let myself go and enjoy life more.

And to think, I thought the dream was just a sign that I needed more sleep. In the end, I have no idea what my dreams are telling me, but I’ll say this, if I’m going to keep running in my sleep, I want to know why those miles don’t count towards my daily exercise totals.

Yea, my wife gave me the answer right away: “Dream on sucker, dream on.”

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  1. i was told that if you wanted to remember your dreams you should do some morning (right after you wake up) rituals:
    – look out the window
    – focus on a one, distant object
    – don’t get distracted
    – re-tell the dream

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