Taking a snow day!

California has the sun. Oh the beautiful sun. Florida has the beaches. They’ve got Pennsylvania beat by a mile, but William Penn’s commonwealth does have one thing they can only dream about: Snow Days.

sledding-1431789_640I woke up the other day to  dreary skies and a forecast of several inches of snow and ice. Most of the local schools had already called off. My wife was called off from her work. My son was off. I thought about my drive into work. The more I thought about it, the better a work from home day, from the comforts of my home office, looked. When I thought about it some more, I decided taking a must-needed vacation day and having a snow day myself was the absolutely best answer.

For the un-initiated, a snow day is when schools and businesses close because of extreme weather like a heavy overnight snow and you get a day off that you weren’t really expecting. Oh it still means shoveling snow and living with Mother Nature, but a day of shoveling snow is a heck of a lot better than fighting crazy drivers to get too and from work.

Hence, snow days are every kid’s dream, no matter the age, be it 10 or 110.

Checking the radio

snow-21979_640.jpgWhen I was a kid, snow days were the absolute best. You’d have a math test that you were dreading and you’d be exhausted from staying up late to study. You’d finally fall asleep and then you’d wake up in the morning, look out the window to see a bed of snow on the ground. You’d race to turn on the radio to listen to see if you’re school was closed. You’d be on pins and needles until miraculously the announcer would list your school as being closed.

Thank God for small favors. You’d sleep in a little longer or get up to watch cartoons on TV, whatever, just as long as you didn’t have to go to school.

Now most people like to complain that schools are too quick nowadays to call snow days. They talk about how we didn’t have as many snow days back in the day. I can’t say. We walked up hill both ways back then too. In any event, I remember having off a lot, but whatever the case, I’m glad my son was home.

winter-landscape-636634_640Fast Forward to the Present

We didn’t get a ton of snow, on this day, just a couple of inches, but the roads were still a mess.

In the end, I logged-in to crank out a few work emails, but I ended up taking the day as a vacation day. I probably could have planned my day off better, but it still came at the absolute best time. I got the rest I needed and I didn’t have to risk my life getting home from work. Now another day, it might not work out quite as well. On this day though I didn’t have that problem.

Thank God for snow days.


7 thoughts on “Taking a snow day!

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  1. I am reading this as I sit in my pjs on my sofa looking at the fresh snow after getting the phone call we have a 2 hour delay. I agree with you. It is nice to have unexpected ‘me’ time.

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  2. I love snow days! It’s nice being able to work remotely so I don’t have to risk my life driving on snowy, icy roads but I also miss having to take those days as vacation days because there was no other option. Now I just shovel during lunch & don’t get to enjoy it as much.

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    1. You’re so right! It’s nice not risking life and limb …. but working from home on a snow day is not quite as enjoyable. I took a vacation day (PTO) this last storm just so I could enjoy it more. It still wasn’t the same though because I had to respond to email! Love the snow, hate the shoveling and the potholes that come later. Thanks for reading!


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