Things that can’t be bought

The commercial flashed by on my television screen last year and was gone in 60 seconds. I’m not sure when it first caught my notice, sometime in November or December, possibly during a football game or late one evening watching a movie.

people-3120717_640I was sitting in our living room, half-heartedly paying attention to the TV, instead rifling through work emails and the day’s latest news on my smartphone. In my haze, the piano prelude and the announcer’s words jumped out at me. The approach seemed so different, so down-to-earth.

The announcer talked about the things like memories, time, and traditions that can’t be bought, but have meaning in our life. I remember thinking how strikingly different the message was coming right after Black Friday and seemingly everyone looking to make a dollar off of Christmas. A year later, I find the commercial just as powerful. The company: the croissant company, Pillsbury.

Made at home campaign:

Pillsbury commercial: Things that can’t be bought

The full story: Things that can’t be bought

In the year since, the commercial pops up in my thoughts at the strangest of times. I’ll think of it when I’m thinking about my family or the choices that we all make. For example, I would love a fast, new sports car, maybe a Ferrari or a Lamborghini; beautiful homes on the West and East Coasts and in far off places that I’ve never explored; and expensive new clothes. To keep on that train of thought, I’d kill for my own personal trainer to help me shed a few pounds and improve my running times. I’d love to purchase front row seats to must-have concerts, shows, and sporting events.

writing-828911_640.jpgI love all of these things, but as we’ve seen over the past year, with Mother Nature’s fury, our favored things can all be gone in seconds, forget about minutes. My family’s love though remains the one consistent. They keep me going.

My memories, traditions, time, and love make everything else all the more worthwhile.

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