When all else fails, there’s always Netflix

I’ve been swamped lately. During the week, I’ve been running from meeting to meeting for hours on end, and then on the weekend, I’ve been busy with family obligations. Fortunately, my wife and I will be going away for a long weekend in a few weeks.

Besides the weekend away, I scheduled an extra day off for myself. I’ve been thinking about the best way to use the day. Some people like to spend their free time at the movie theater. I have a good friend who likes to go hunting. Others like to go shopping.

The choices are endless, but I’m down to my top ten:


—Netflix binge day.

—A writing day.

shoes-1638873_640—Spend a day hiking Thousand Steps Trail.

—Go to the movies.

—Gym/running day.

—Barnes & Noble splurge day.

—Work on a couple “honey-do” projects.

—Surprise my son at college with lunch.

baby-1151347_640—Clean my garage.


Oh the choices. In the end, I’ll probably end up choosing a mixture of catching up on my sleep and maybe even a little writing. It’s not the most glamorous of choices, but it works for me.

Any other ideas that I’m missing?


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