Pop goes the fizz

I know the research and I know the benefits of giving up soda. If I give up just one 24 oz. diet soda a day, I’ll save more than $500 in a year. Forget about the health benefits.

But it’s still challenging.

I don’t drink a lot of coffee, one large cup a day, two at the most, and I don’t drink a lot of caffeine-filled sports or energy drinks either. However, I’ve drunk sugary sodas much of my life. I drank it in good times and bad to fill my thirst. I replaced regular sodas with diet soda more than ten years ago, but I still drink an inordinate amount of soda.

With all of the recent studies on sodas, I’ve been working the past several weeks to give up my taste for Diet Pepsi. In its place, I’ve substituted a ton of seltzer water, tap and bottled water, and iced tea for my daily soda.

I’m fortunate that I’m just giving up soda. We all have our crutches and addictions. I know others struggle with much harder addictions. If I fall down and have a soda, I’m hurting the long-term health of my body, but not on the same scale or stratosphere as someone addicted to alcohol or drugs. I can only imagine the struggle they face.


While different, I’m still following a similar approach to quitting. I’m trying to replace one habit with another, the same way someone might get up a half hour earlier to exercise or to start work. They take one step and then another and another until the change becomes routine.

I have my good days and bad in my quest to give up soda. I’m sure in time the challenge will become easier to manage. In the meantime, it  comes down to a simple challenge: life changes are hard and you have to work at them one day at a time.

Here’s to less fizz and a better life.


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  1. All addictions can be tough, even soda. We are all just a little bit different. I gave up soda about a year ago. Replaced it with kangen water or alkaline water. (9.5 ph) I never go anywhere without. While i can’t claim miracle cures my wife came through a year of chemotherapy for breast cancer with absolutely zero side effects. ZIP, Nada, Zero! Hmmm makes ya wonder.Best of luck with it! Barn

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