On the campaign trail, there’s lies, damn lies, and then Donald Trump-sized lies

My mother was wrong.

She taught me that you should always tell the truth and think before you speak. If you didn’t know an answer, you didn’t make one up. And while gossip and rumors are all around us, you should try your best to not repeat outside of the house what you heard, lest the next rumor be about you.

I know that that all bets are off when it comes to politics and seeking out the truth. They have about as much in common as me and Michael Jordan on the basketball court, but I’ve learned in recent weeks that my mother was flat out wrong.

Bold statements and lies, despite what you might think, are actually good. Who knew?

Lies, lies and more lies

My mother was wrong. You don’t need all your facts. Just say what’s on your mind. Think someone’s a jerk, just say it. Think a particular ethnic or religious group is the root of all problems, then get it out. The facts don’t matter. What matters is speaking “the Truth.”

If the person you called a nasty name gets mad at what you say, look shocked and with all the bravado you can muster, say that you’re just speaking your mind. You’re speaking on behalf of the little guy. And then the pièce de résistance: Go on the offensive and say that you’re offended that they’re offended by your original remark.

The politician of the future and the new world order

Think I’m crazy. Here’s just a small sampling of Trump’s communication plan in action. Last week, Trump went off on George W. Bush’s administration for starting the Iraq War, stating that “they lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction. There were none.”

When pressed for details days later, Trump stepped back from his comments, saying: “I’m not talking about lying. … Nobody really knows why we went into Iraq.”

My natural inclination is to ask: Which is it? But in this new world order, the truth just doesn’t matter. It gets better. On Thursday, Trump was in a huff that Jeb Bush didn’t return his call. Classless on Bush’s part, probably. However, Trump called Bush everything but a buffoon for the past six months. Um, I wouldn’t want to talk to you either.

Now George W. and Jeb deserve everything they got from Trump. They’ve been around long enough and walked over enough people that I shed few if any tears for them.

So my mother was wrong. Or was she? There’s a part of me that understands Trump’s appeal in giving it to the establishment. He’s found a way to put into words the worries and concerns that everyday folks have in today’s society.

In the end, I want my leaders to lead. I want them to lead on fact, not a statement they made up the previous day. I want them to believe in what they’re saying and come with real plans, not just broad statements.

Back it up please

I also want them to not lie. For example, I call myself a Christian, but I could care less if Trump attends weekly Bible study. I’d like it, but I’m more concerned that my president be a moral leader. God knows I have my faults, I certainly expect that Trump or any of the other candidates to have their own.

However, don’t try to convince me that you’re a bible-thumping evangelical one day, and then the next get confused referencing Second Corinthians or get into a fight with the Pope, calling him the closest thing to a thief and a liar.

What do I expect of my president. I expect him or her to look at the facts. Research the facts some more. Surround themselves with smart people. And then build strong believes based on those facts. And then and only then speak up.

In short, say what you mean, mean what you say.

Unfortunately, that’s just never been Trump’s way. He has a few good ideas, but he fails to surround his ideas with real plans and makes a mockery of the process. He’d much rather make a Reality TV splash than serious significant change. What’s next “The Presidential Campaign: The Reality Series.”

Excuse me, but I’ll pass.

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