Looking for answers to the great mysteries of life

Why do some days feel longer than others?

I know it’s an off-the-wall question, but I’ve been wondering lately why one day flies by and the next flows like molasses. We all have days when every second on the clock seems to take ten years. And then other days, you look up from your work and wonder where the day went.

It’s one of those mysteries of life.

When the big guy (or woman) comes to tell me that my time is done, I’m going to have a few questions for him. My hope is that he’ll finally be able to shed some light on a few of life’s more challenging mysteries. I won’t ask for my money back. I certainly won’t yell or scream. I would just like to have some answers on why life is the way it is.

Some of my questions include:


—Why the one day I go to sit down and eat a real breakfast, the milk is empty? Most days I’m rushing three different places before the clock strikes 6:30 a.m. So when I do have time for cereal, it’s a rarity (and usually on a Saturday when I’m in a ratty old t-shirt and sweatpants) and like clockwork, it’s those days when we’re out of milk.

—When I park in an empty parking lot, why does someone always park next to me? It could be completely empty, but someone will always pull-in next to me . . . guaranteed. I pull over for just for a second to quickly to read a text or grab a bite to eat, parking as far away from other cars as humanly possible. I barely look down and, of course, a stranger pulls-up next to me. Not five or six spots away, but right next to me. “Good grief, are you kidding me?” I shout to no one in particular.

—Why does the rain drop, but snow fall?

—I can live with a receding hairline. But when I die, I want to ask God why he gave me a son (with a full-head of hair, I might add) who finds extreme pleasure in pointing out how little hair I have left. Why God?

—Why everything I love to eat — everything from chocolate, Buffalo wings, expensive steak dinners, and to sugary sodas — is so bad for me?

—Why advertisers trying to sell me stuff on TV are so clueless with their pitches? Have you watched commercials recently? Have you really watched them? Can they get any worse? For example, some of the cell phone commercials leave me speechless. They’re spending millions of dollars on an ad that I’m going to forget in 20 seconds. I walk away remembering less about their brand and more about the countless ways they could have spent their money.

—Why is it that whenever I get into my car, my gas tank is always on empty? Always.

—Why does it feel like the older I get, the more behind I’m getting with staying up-to-date on the latest technology? Meanwhile, my kids know things about my phone that I’ll never know.

—I love spending time with the boys, but right when we start to have fun and relax on a school night, they have to get ready for bed and I have to get myself ready for another work day. Why does it always end up that way? Why?

—Why every time I turn on TV, I have to watch an entertainment story about one of the Kardashians? Really? That’s the best that today’s mass media has to offer?

—Why I sit down to write sometimes and the words seem to write themselves and other times I can barely put two clear thoughts together and my sentences read like “See Spot run.”

—Why does war, cancer, death, sadness, heartache, and pain exist? Yes a bit more serious than my other questions, but, when you’ve got God’s attention, you’ve got to go for it.

—Why have I done some of my best work ― some of my best professional work and even some of my best writing ― when I’ve been the most scared, most unbalanced?

sun-851590_1920—When I’m running late, on my way to work or to pick-up the kids, why does it feel like everything — including buses, garbage trucks, delivery drivers, and slow drivers — get in my way? I know that it happens to everyone, that it’s just my very active imagination, but it feels like it always happens to me.

—Why have the Philadelphia Eagles failed miserably in their attempt to win a Super Bowl? Yes, the Eagles have won three championships, but that was in the 60s. Why God?

—Why do I have all these questions “why” and why are the answers never easy?

If I have time, I might even get around to asking God the age-old question that every two-year-old known to man wants to ask: “Why is the sky blue?”

I’m listening God. Any answers?

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