Fighting the gray skies of January

We’ve hit the middle of January. In the U.S, we’re one month into winter with two months still to go. This is usually the point in the winter when I get tired of the cold and gray skies and need to regroup, remembering that the dark days of winter will not stay forever. It’s usually a good time too to recalibrate my New Year’s resolutions, checking to see what’s worked worked, what hasn’t, and what do I really want to accomplish in the year.

In short, it’s a great time to recalibrate and see where I stand.

Can you relate?

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31 thoughts on “Fighting the gray skies of January

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    1. Stay tuned. I suspect you’ll see a few more of the Saturday “spring reminders.” I love the first real snow (which we really haven’t gotten in southeastern pennsylvania) but after that, I’m done. Tire easily of the gray skies. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one.

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  1. I definitely feel renewal when spring arrives Brian so I think I take stock then more than this soon in the new year. I’m not a resolution person and this time (in my head at least) is for hunkering down and often just getting through until the sun returns. It’s definitely a reflective time but without a great deal of need to muster on the question of where I’m going or what’s too far ahead…if that all makes sense! The quote by Tom Allen seems to suit me nicely 🙂

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    1. Yes, I keep that front and center in my mind. I love the first snow of the year. We’re still waiting for a really good snowfall here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. (It’s snowed elsewhere in the state but it’s been a relatively mild winter.) My issue with winter is the gray, muck after the storm. I need sun to remind me that spring and summer aren’t fall behind. But, good advice like the spring comment, keeps me going. You hang in there too. I’m complaining and I suspect you guys have been hit much harder than us here in the East! 😎

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      1. Actually…no! I hate to invite trouble…but we’ve only had a few inches so far! No snow on the ground at all right now…which makes us wonder when the “big snow” is coming! 🤪

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    1. Love it Julia. Exactly. When I know we’re really going to get hit with a big snowfall and we have everything we need and no plans to travel, that’s the best, just hunkering down and waiting it out. Now the gray after the snow . . . ugh, but the hunkering, I love it.


  2. I love New York and the changing seasons but I’d love living here even more without winter! Yes, I could handle a little more spring, summer and fall quite easily, thanks. And to all the winter lovers out there, I wish you all the cold and snow you desire! You can keep it! 🥶 ⛄️

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  3. Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons, so I look at January and February as still being “my time.” I know a lot of folks can’t wait until Spring. I will say this much…if it doesn’t snow here by or for Christmas/New Year’s, I can live without having any snow the rest of Winter. That’s my “peace offering” to warm weather lovers!

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    1. Hey Hot Goddess, please, please tell me it’s always sunny and beautiful in Portugal!?! No, aww, I’m hoping it is. Anyway, yes, I guess it’s true everywhere, we gotta get through the blah of winter, whatever shape and form it comes in, to get the beauty of spring. Thanks for commenting!


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