Taking a pie in the face!

Board games have changed since I was a kid. We played Monopoly or Stratego. I usually had to beg one of my brothers to play with me. The worst that could happen if I lost: I would go bankrupt and owe my brothers a bunch of fake money or I’d lose my Colonel or General to a bomb in Stratego.

Boy, have times changed. 

Russian roulette for kids

We invited my brother-in-law and two nieces, visiting from California, to Game Night and we played Hasbro’s Pie Face. The game is simple. You load whipped cream onto a plastic hand, spin the wheel, place your head on the chin rest, and turn the handle, hoping that you don’t trigger the pie throwing hand. 

You get the idea, there’s no way around it, eventually you’re going to get splattered. Now to me, whipped cream in the face doesn’t sound all that fun. To an eight-year-old and five-year-old, whipped cream sprayed across your face sounds like the makings of a rip-roaring good time.

It gets worse. We’ve played this game twice now, once a few years ago at a family reunion and again this holiday. Of course, both times I’ve been cursed. I might not like it, but I can handle bad luck. In both instances, I’ve had no luck at all! I swear every time I put my head on the chin rest, I got hit. Every stinkin’ time!

Walking the other way

As soon as I saw my wife pull the game out of the box, I slyly moved to the living room. I knew what was coming, best to get out of the way. I’m an adult, I can’t look silly with whipped cream all over my face. Of course, I forgot about the negotiating power of an eight-year-old. How silly of me? My niece turned around with a big smile and asked in the nicest way possible: “Uncle Brian, please, please, won’t you come and play with us?” 

Ugh, how do you get out of that one. What could I say? “Oh, sorry honey, I have to go upstairs and clean my room.” Or, “I have to go wrap some Christmas presents.” Finally, how about, “I have an allergy to whipped cream and making a fool of myself.” No, none of those excuses were going to work. The other adults were certainly not going to let those excuses fly. The game apparently has been around since we were kids, but I can’t say that I ever saw it until a few years ago. As far as I’m concerned, though, it can disappear altogether.

Several days later and four pies to the face later I’m still wiping whipped cream out of my nose and the crevices of my ears. I suggested several times during the game that it might be time for a new one. C’mon, isn’t time to switch games? Who’s up for Monopoly? Park Place and Boardwalk look interesting. Anyone, anyone? Please?

No luck.

When an eight-year-old asks to play a game with you . . . you play!

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  1. LOL! “I have an allergy to whipped cream and making a fool of myself”! Love that line! I remember this game…and I think your niece and I shared the same tactics…talking our favorite “funcle” – fun uncle – into playing along. Eight-year old little girls can be ruthless negotiators! 😊😜😊

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      1. Hilarious! Maybe you’re on to something! Let’s open a spa next to your coffee shop and maybe we’ll offer pricey facials…and only we will know the trade secret! Redi-Whip! 🤪

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    1. Yes, yes, avoid at all costs. Ha, ha, just kidding. I never had any problems getting on the ground and getting dirty, playing with the kids. Whipped cream, nah! Funny thing is that it missed my kids … but they keep finding ways to bring it back up at family gatherings! Oh well!


  2. Yikes. I’m pleased to report that I’ve never heard of this game and, even better, our board-game-loving grandkids haven’t either. They’re into nice calm games like Clue and Scabs ‘n Guts. Phew!

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  3. Games nights – that brings back memories. When my children were younger, we had all the traditional board games like Monopoly, Game of Life, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders etc. I was fortunate that they never came across the pie-in-the-face game. So far, touch wood, my grandchildren haven’t discovered it, either! You really are a good sport, though, Brian. I bet your relationship with your grandchildren is strong because of it (amongst many other reasons). I’m unsure what excuses I would have made to get out of that game! It’s actually great that your young ones are so eager to play board games, as so many children seem permanently glued to their gaming gadgets, which require no communication or interaction with anyone else. Good for you.

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      1. I am sorry, Brian. I should have noted more carefully that you were referring to your nieces and not grandchildren, as I suggested. I find smartphones and other gadgets a real worry, too. It’s so easy to type or tap a message into these items, and we have no idea how our message will be received. There is no body language, facial expression or tone of voice to give any clues. It’s so simple for messages to be misconstrued or taken wrongly—miscommunication at its very best.

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  4. Afraid the next time I was home alone (ok Nittany won’t squeal on you) that game would go into a brown paper bag, out to the car and into a dumpster a couple miles away. And I would feign innocence for the rest of my life…

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  5. Thanks for the follow Brian. I’ve never heard of this either, and board games for us were Monopoly, Cluedo or Careers. We played cards if we had visitors, only for pennies, but Newmarket, Black Jack or Shoot. Squirty cream will never be the same after one Christmas when the family got together at my parents and dinner was in two shifts as there were so many of us. My sister and SIL got into a fight over the squirty cream and when Bro stepped in to stop them, he got a faceful and looked like Santa. Happy New Year to you

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    1. Oh, I love British English versus whatever we speak here in the U.S. ….. I had to google squirty cream. Oh that’s such a better way of describing whipped cream. Yes, I fully expected something like you described, breaking out and me in the middle, getting the cream all over me! Ha, ha, it didn’t happen, but I’m definitely running away if the game ever gets pulled out in front of me in the future. Thanks for reading and commenting!😎😎😎😎


  6. I grew up playing all types of board games, and still enjoy doing it to this day. Card games were also a big, big part of my youth, especially those which involved “recreating” or being devoted to sports. I still break those out once in a while as well.

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    1. It was harder for the little kids, but we also played the card game Spoons. Much preferred that to Pie Face. I loved card games as a kid. I’m not the best at Poker, but love Gin Rummy. Loved games devoted to sports. A big Stratomatic baseball fan as a kid. Yes, my kids got me into video games, but family game night is still the best!

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