Put me out of my misery!

I’m ready for the turning of the page, the turning of the calendar. It’s been a long month. Oh, work has been fine enough. Life outside of work has been awesome — my wife and I have been having fun as empty nesters.

My favorite baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies are in Major League Baseball’s World Series and have split the first two games against the Houston Astros. Wish them luck.

So, why the sad face?

I’m reaching my breaking point with the onslaught of political commercials. I wish the special interest Political Action Committees and the candidates slinging mud, and yes, it tends to be guys, would just go away and never come back. 

Image by Element Digital via Pexels

Time to give it a break

Most folks, normal ones anyway, are tired of the vitriol. It’s nasty. Most of the commercials from both the Democratic and Republican candidates play with the truth, meaning there’s a sliver of it, but then it’s sliced and diced so much you really don’t know what’s true and what’s false.

On top of that, most of the commercials tear down instead of build up. Here’s what I mean: I sat down to watch some college football and the Phillies Playoff game last weekend and ended up counting more than a dozen political commercials in a span of an hour or so. One ad criticized “those horrible illegals” for the horrible state of things where I live, as if every immigrant in the United States, whether legal or illegal, are to blame for our problems. Another commercial questioned “the other guy’s decision-making” and ability to represent the everyday citizen.

I’m so tired of the mud. None of the four candidates running for U.S. Senate or State Governor has explained why they’re running, what they believe in, what separates them from the other candidate, and their plan to improve the economy or solve our domestic problems. Oh, they were very clear on their hatred, but none has shown a plan to improve things. If I had my own neighborhood lemonade stand, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t trust any of them with my cash drawer.

When I see them, I think of an old farmer who I worked for one summer in high school. He’s since passed away, but he used to lecture me that if you “stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.” He’s the one who I wish was running. He was liberal on some issues, conservative on others. In his book, neither word was a dirty word, what mattered was how you treated others. Yea, he could never get elected today!

Image by Sora Shimazaki via Pexels

The curtain is coming

Fortunately, we’re coming near the end of the political muck. (At least, I hope we are, even though I fully expect both sides to fight and claim victory no matter the vote count.) In any event, in one week’s time, we’ll go to the polls and vote. Yes, election day can’t come quick enough.

When I’m alone in my voting booth, I’m tempted to write in a neighbor’s name or coworker or someone I pick out of my phone contacts for the Gubernatorial or Senator opening. My choice wouldn’t matter. Whoever I picked would do better than either of the candidates the Democrats and Republicans have put up. The sad state of things, it really wouldn’t take much to do better.

In the end, though, I will vote and hope for the best!

17 thoughts on “Put me out of my misery!

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      1. Oh my goodness, yes, Jane. A great game. This run has been a huge surprise. Love how much they’re focusing on each other as a team. It’s been fun to get back into baseball. One game at a time. (Philly fans have had a few disappointments over the years, we know to take it one game at a time.) Fun to watch.


  1. This seems to be the state of politics on either side of the Atlantic, Brian. The two-party political system seems to have run its course and there is a need for something fresh. The problem is we would be relying on the two parties to deliver it. We have the same over here with Conservative and Labour. Best of luck whichever you choose.

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  2. I can’t pretend to know much about American politics, Brian. Still, it sounds like the situation is similar here in the UK with our two main parties, the Conservatives and Labour. I think mud-slinging goes without saying within politics, wherever you are. Considering we have had three Prime Ministers in the space of two months, it doesn’t exactly instil confidence in me in the Conservatives, who have been in power for twelve years. I say, give the other party a ‘go’.

    I hope something good comes out of your election. It sounds like a mess like ours. I hope whoever you vote for comes up with some rules and regulations that will benefit you and your nation. Good luck.

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    1. Yes, exactly. Like I’ve said, I’ve tried to avoid the commercials, but it’s been horrible. I tend to go to sports to relax and forget about my stress. Of course, every college football game, every Phillies playoff game, every NFL game – especially the Eagles, the political ads have been everywhere. And yes, I live in PA, which is a battleground state, so it feels like it’s been especially bad. I’m sure this is just me — but the ads feel darker, uglier than any I ever remember. So yes, I’m ready for it to be done, even though, I’m sure post election, it just means more nonsense. The most important thing out of all that blather, go Phillies, go 7-0 Eagles!


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