Thinking about a big move

For much of our working life, when the alarm has gone off in the morning, my wife and I have groaned, may have even hit the snooze button, but we’ve gotten up and out of bed and trekked off to work. Her in one direction, me in another. 

There has been much about the pandemic that has been a bother, but I must admit that working remotely hasn’t been one of them. My wife still works on location, but I’ve been able to work from home and that has gotten me thinking and pondering about the future.

So, when I looked on social media other day and saw an executive write about how he and his significant other had moved on a whim to Rome, I must admit that I thought to myself: why not us. Oh, maybe not Rome, but why not us picking up and going someplace fun.

I’ve written about picking up and leaving in the past. It might not be quite the dream it once was. With a son finishing up high school and our other two children off doing their own thing, my wife and I have a myriad of options. Oh, our senior says we can’t move anywhere until he’s done with college and we’re sympathetic to his request, but we’ve given him 18 years, we figure he’s a big boy now, he can handle the rest from here. 

Instead, my wife and I have been pondering and dreaming. I’ve written about this before. We have any number of options open to us. We could:

–Travel to Europe. My dreams take me to somewhere like Seville or Rondo Spain. My wife tends to prefer the flashier Positano, Italy on the Almafi Coast. 

–Buy an RV and travel the country. 

–Throw a dart on the map of the U.S. and pick up and move. If we can’t afford to move to the beach or the mountains, then we should find somewhere new.

Oh, I don’t know what’s on tap for us. I suspect that we’ll end up not that far from where we live today. However, the thing that stuck out to me the most about the social media post was the sense of adventure. I never want to lose that whimsy and willingness to grow and learn.

So maybe it won’t be Rome, Italy, but wherever we are, the focus will be on having fun.

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