Losing time and sleep!

I grew up in rural, farm country. I get the need for Daylight Saving Time (DST) — the practice of setting clocks forward by one hour in the spring and then back one hour in the fall, so that darkness falls at a later clock time — but its usefulness has come and gone. 

Let’s be honest here, DST is killing me. Like much of America on Sunday, instead of waking peacefully from my night’s rest, I was woken at the crack of “OMG, what the freaking time is it really?” When I publish this blog, we’ll be one day into DST and I will be running on fumes. I will have lost just one hour, but it will feel like ten and will take two weeks and a regular run of catnaps to get back on track.

And all the while, I’ll be focusing on all the things I could have done with my lost hour, including: 

–Sleep. Yes, wonderful, precious sleep. 

–Pack. Follow me here. If I had that lost hour, if it hadn’t gone up in smoke, I could have actually used it to pack up and move to another state, like say Arizona or Hawaii, or another country altogether that doesn’t observe DST. A few countries in Asia and Africa come to mind. (In reality, most of the world does not follow DST.) 

–Breakfast. American Motivational speaker Earl Nightingale used to say that committing yourself to study one hour a day could make you the tops of your field in three years, a national authority in five, and the best in the world in seven. I was just hoping for a slow, easy breakfast before the day got ramped up, forget about finding a cure for pollution or finding life on distant planets. All the same, they’ve all slipped through my fingers. Oh well, lol.

–Have I mentioned sleep yet?

A friend joked on social media that DST is really just an inside job by the coffee growers of the world to make a few extra dollars. I started to argue with her, but stopped. She might be onto something. In my state of exhaustion, I’m not really sure.

In any event, friends, grab yourself another hot cup of coffee and good luck staying awake!

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