The best feeling in the world

We all have our favorites. There’s nothing else like it, the highest of the high. I’m talking of course about the best feeling in the world:

sunflower-3540593_640–When you write something and you touch someone. The reaction could be good or bad, the good part is getting the reaction. For example, I wrote something recently and sent it to a bunch of friends. The comments started trickling in one after another. “This is great Brian.” Another, “thanks for sharing.” I couldn’t stop smiling. I had put some time in creating the article and knew that it might hit home with a few people, but it was still fun to see it play out.

–When you pass the 9 3/4 mile mark on a 10 mile run and you originally planned to run 6 miles, but you felt so good that you just kept going.

–Two simple words: Thank you.

sunflower-2559262_640–5:01 p.m. on Friday.

–When the barista gets your coffee just the way you like it and you take the first sip of the day.

–Your boss calls you into his office. You mentally run through all your projects. You get your elevator speech ready. You want to be ready to respond to any questions. You prep yourself and the next thing out of his mouth is, “I just wanted to say great job on the Anderson change project.” You’re dumbfounded for a second. You’re not sure where to go. You weren’t expecting this. You try to comment in return, but the only thing that comes out is a simple thank you.

–When you wake up and realize that it’s Saturday morning and you have nothing planned and get to sleep in for the first time in three weeks.

–A rainy day and you have no plans to leave your bed.

–When you have to make a long drive and you turn onto the highway and you look in front of you and there’s nothing, but clear roads as far as the eye can see and your favorite road trip song comes onto your playlist.

–When my wedding anniversary comes around and I realize that my wife has had every right to leave me along the side of the road, but she’s stuck by my pitiful self for another year!

–Christmas morning.

sunflower-666143_640–You pick up your phone. You have no plans to answer the call that’s coming in. You’re sure that it’s a scammer or just another telemarketer. When you look at the screen, though, you see that the friend that you haven’t talked to in months is on the line, the same friend, by the way, who you can pick up a conversation and talk for hours. Oh yea, of course, you jump and hit the button to answer the call.

–Of course, the best feeling, for me anyways, comes when one of my kids gives me a big hug without prompting and says, “Great to see you Dad. I love you.”

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