The debate table: A political fight club

The Republican contenders for President have debated on prime time television twice now. The Democrats go on Tuesday.

I have my favorites and not-so favorite candidates, but I’ll give credit to the field on both sides for one key thing. They may back-track and they may waffle. They may even throw out a bold-faced lie or two or even run away completely from the moderator’s question.

In the end, however, I give them credit for getting involved in the public debate. In an age when Reality Television is the closest it comes to serious dialogue, there’s something refreshing about hearing candidates talk pointedly about what ails our country and how we might overcome those challenges.

I give these candidates credit for putting their ideas out on the table, defending them against attack, and working toward a larger goal.

I wonder how I might respond in the same position. I fear the fight, pride and a million other emotions would come raging out of me.

Go after my tax plan, I might have to ask if you’d care to step outside. Go after my education plan, I might just throw a punch.

My unseemly side would most certainly come out. A fight on the debate dais. I would hope not, but you never know.

Of course, who knows what could happen with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in a debate? I’m thinking Fight club II. My money is on Hillary in a TKO.

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