Marriage is hard work

I call this the warts and all column.  My wife and I have been together for more than 28 years. When we tell people that we’ve been together that long, they ooh and aww, but I never feel like I’m properly explaining what it means. They're thinking long carefree walks in the park, full of long... Continue Reading →

Wedding bells and smiling faces on the page

The faces staring back at me look so young. They’re happy and full of smiles. There’s some nervousness too, but excitement about the wedding taking place in a few minutes. There’s my sister-in-law in her maid of honor dress and my best man looking dapper in his black tux. There’s lots of family members, college... Continue Reading →

A Christmas wedding proposal . . . Psych! Fooled ya!

My girlfriend pulled her car into an open parking spot and I pulled in beside her. I turned off the Christmas Carols that had been playing on a local radio station, turned my car off, and stepped outside and into her car. We had been visiting with my brother and she needed to get back... Continue Reading →

Twenty five years of wedded bliss or bust

I heard a loud crash. I thought at first that I had heard thunder clapping outside to go with the drenching rain, but I quickly figured out that a young alter server had accidentally kicked over a row of folded chairs. My fiancé and I were getting married. We had hoped for a bright, crisp... Continue Reading →

Blasé over the royal wedding

It’s almost here. Prince Harry and royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle will be tying the knot on Saturday. I happened to be stuck in a waiting room this morning and The Good Morning America hosts couldn’t get enough of the topic, talking about everything from the length of Markle’s wedding gown and train to possible guests... Continue Reading →

To have and to hold from this day forward

We sat in the old church and watched the young couple hold hands. They had worked hard to get to their long-awaited day, their wedding day, and they looked so happy and peaceful. We were honored to join in the young couple’s day. As we waited for the ceremony to start, I found myself staring... Continue Reading →

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