What are you grateful for?

We celebrate Thanksgiving in a few days. It’s a time for families and friends to come together. Like any gathering, there will be some happiness and maybe even some stress and tension. Who's going to be late to the dinner table? Who let the refrigerator door open? Who brings up politics over the dinner table?... Continue Reading →

Ten things I love about fall

The temperature had dropped overnight, leaving a frozen coating on the grass and our car window. I turned up the heat to try to warm things up and my wife and I were soon on our way. When people talk about Autumn, I think fondly about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the lead up to Christmas and... Continue Reading →

Mother Nature tells fall to wait its turn

Mother Nature is a fickle sort. Fall foliage has started to pop across the Northeast. Peak fall foliage where I live is expected to take place over the next ten days. However, Mother Nature is having none of that. In some places you can see the bright multi-colored fingerprints of fall, in others, like a... Continue Reading →

One last fall blast of color

Call it a guilty conscience, call it loving the fall season, call it anything you want, but after my blog on the changing of the seasons, several people asked if the photos I had on my page was from me. Sadly, the photos were not. I’ve decided to try to change that. At least for... Continue Reading →

“I don’t get no respect”

Thanksgiving is the Rodney Dangerfield of holidays and special events throughout the year. You remember Dangerfield, the comedian who used to appear regularly on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the 70s and 80s and complain that he had a tough life. Like Dangerfield, Thanksgiving "gets no respect." For example, most folks celebrate Martin... Continue Reading →

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

Okay, who was the fool who wrote a few weeks ago that he wanted more snow. I believe he even challenged Mother Nature to "let it snow, let it snow." Um, yea, that was me. Yea, that was stupid. Well, I'm officially done. The first day of Spring -- March 20 -- isn't for another... Continue Reading →

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