The Best-Laid Plans

I find it amusing. I first started blogging on WordPress with a completely different idea in mind. I had it all mapped out. I would write the occasional lifestyle or thought piece, but I was looking to focus most of my time on writing a book and thought I would use my blog to showcase... Continue Reading →

Sitting down to write this blog: Three years & counting

I celebrate an anniversary of sorts this week. I won’t be throwing a party or even having cake or champagne, but it’s still a pretty special anniversary. I celebrate my third year as a blogger. For those of you who are counting, that's churning out one to two blogs a week for a total of... Continue Reading →

Fiction: A father’s special gift

A short story on a father's return in a moment of crisis and the power of redemption.  . . . Dan clutched his bag and got up to leave. He passed empty desk after desk and let out a curse. How come he was the only one still at work? The rest of the team had... Continue Reading →

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