My little black book

I reviewed my day and made three imaginary check marks in my imaginary little black book.  I donated a few dollars to the American Red Cross and scheduled a day and time in my calendar to give blood, check mark. I kept my cool, but stood up to a peer, who has a tendency to speak... Continue Reading →

A mother’s loss

I find a mother's love to be one of the most precious things in the world. There's nothing else like a mother's touch or kind word. It can move mountains. In particular, I'm fascinated by the story of the Immaculate Mary and her son, Jesus Christ. Whether you believe in the Christ-story or not, the story is unlike any ever told. ... Continue Reading →

Hail Mary!

I rolled down my window and let the afternoon sun and wind whip through the car. My day had started miserable and now out of the blue it had turned for the better. As soon as I left my house in the morning, I spilled coffee on my shirt and I groaned as my phone... Continue Reading →

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