Just being rude

I saw the guy from ten yards away, he had his back turned and took up the entire aisle. I coughed hoping he would hear me, but nothing happened. He was talking to the two guys in front of him. I didn’t care but I pushing my grocery cart and needed to get around him.... Continue Reading →

Sticking up for myself

I stormed up to my bigger and stronger teammate and told him that he may have had an out-of-this-world batting swing and ranked as one of the best players on our baseball team, but he should stop bullying everyone. The rest of us didn’t appreciate his behavior. My teammates, seeing my bravery and courage, of... Continue Reading →

Too many books, too little time

The young girl’s eyes bulged out of their sockets looking all around the store. Her head was on swivel looking right, then left, and then back again.  She let out a huge smile. She couldn’t believe her good fortune. When she saw that the bookstore had a second floor, her smile stretched even further and... Continue Reading →

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