Inspiration in an unlikely place

When I saw that Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town” debuted on Broadway on this day in 1938, I sat back in my chair. A swirl of memories from high school in the mid 1980s came to mind. I read Our Town for the first time in English class and remember being amazed. I had never... Continue Reading →

Giving thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day!

Life can be hard. It can throw difficult challenges your way when you least expect it. But, then there are days, when your kids come running out of the house, all smiles, to give you a hug or your spouse throws you a gleeful wink your way that make the hard moments worth it. In... Continue Reading →

A grateful heart

My wife had Christmas songs playing on the stereo. I'm sure Michael Bublé was somewhere on the playlist. Insert face palm here. How can I compete with that? Yes, I'm straying from my story. In any event, the Thanksgiving turkey was fresh from the oven and the house was full of robust smells. The table... Continue Reading →


The year has seen its share of challenges. I haven't seen any Murder Hornets yet, but I'm sure they're on their way. In my own household, the Coronavirus pandemic has shut down my daughter’s Peace Corps tour, cancelled our trip to see our son in California, and forced my youngest son’s school to an awkward... Continue Reading →

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