The search for Spring!

March is finally here. I’ve always found it to be a strange month. It starts off cold and wintry and then somewhere along the line, the trees start to bud, plants and flowers to pop up out of nowhere, and spring is here before you know it.

For the record, Spring 2023 starts on Monday, March 20 and ends on Wednesday, June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Strange or not, we’re coming up on the first quarter. What are you looking forward to this Spring? Or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, this Autumn?

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30 thoughts on “The search for Spring!

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  1. For me it’s realising there is more daylight. It will be light when I go to work in the morning. Its a moment of hope and anticipation ad I wait for the lightness of summer

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  2. I feel like the wuss here! It’s 70°/50° in Phoenix and way too cold for me. 🥶😂 I’m eagerly awaiting our 10 or so days of *perfect* 80-something weather before we jump into 120° heat wave territory. 😆

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    1. Okay, that’s it, I’m moving to Phoenix. When 70 feels cold, then I’ll be in the perfect spot. Ha, ha, love that kind of weather. It really is a weird winter. Here in the east, it’s supposed to hit a high today of 60. Way too warm yet for this time of year. Now I’m not complaining, but I fully expect that tomorrow temps could drop as much to the low 20s, just like that. Ha, ha.

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      1. Oof, too cold for my bone haha!! Phoenix is nice this time of year. The summers are brutal and the winters are mild (though, with no humidity, it often feels colder than it is), but late-Nov and early-Mar are heaven on earth!

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    1. I’m with you. It feels like it’s coming a bit early this year, but I’ll take it. Of course, I wonder if I might have jinxed us. We got snowy icy rain yesterday. Mother Nature must be saying slooooow down, I’m not ready to pass the baton to spring quite yet. We’ll see! Ha, ha.

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    1. I know a lot of people like you Ally. Love the idea of spring, but hate the pollen. I’m a bit worried here about my wife’s allergies. We didn’t get a lot of cold, cold or snowy weather this winter. I wonder what that will mean for the spring. But it is nice to see all the colors of spring. Hopefully, coming soon.

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  3. I like the later evenings in the Spring. I love being able to come back from town while it’s still light instead of coming along that ‘Alleyway’ in the dark. It wasn’t long ago when I was drawing the curtains at about 3.30 pm; now, it’s nearer 6 pm, which is much better. The days seem so short in the winter. I also love the first crocuses that spring up on the lawn. I’ve got a few purple ones growing in my front garden now – full of the hope of Spring.

    Today, it’s about 8C here, which is average for this time of the year. We’re expecting snow and much colder weather (-3C) next week, but nowhere near as much snow as parts of the world are experiencing at the moment.

    My favourite quote is the Robin William’s one, as some of your other readers have agreed.

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  4. It’s the longer days and the (relative) warmth of the sun I like. Spring itself is a ways away in our neck of the woods, and that’s fine with me , but the light and warm sun is most welcome.

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  5. I think Emerson’s quote resonates the most for me. Brian, as you know weather in our area in March can be insane. Thunderstorms followed by snow. Seems like the wind never stops. I wonder how our continuing climate “adjustments” are going to affect future Marches, which always seems to be like the craziest of transition months anyway.

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