Crazy dog on the loose

Nittany, our 13-year-old Lhasa Apso – Bichon Frise, whines. I try to calm her by rubbing her ears, but she returns my love with her big questioning eyes that ask why I’m not letting her down onto the floor. She wants to know who is at the door. 

When we have a delivery from Amazon or Fed Ex or a worker comes to the house to work on our furnace or central air conditioning, Nittany wants in on the action. If we’d let her, she’d be barking and yapping steps away from the worker. Oh, I’m sure every plumber, electrician, and home worker knows exactly who we are, our house is probably number one on the list of homes to be avoided.

So, like today, we needed our furnace checked and my wife let the worker into our house, and I stayed in the bedroom with Nittany. I tried to work but found myself spending more time calming her. I pet her and rub her and a second later she would be on all fours facing the door, ready to jump down, somehow find a way to open the door, and race downstairs to check out the worker for herself.

She kept looking back at me upset at me for being a traitor. I got images of famous traitors Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold in my head. You would have thought I was keeping her away from a good bone. She whined. She panted. She threatened to jump from high off the bed, but stopped each time, scared of the height. 

Finally, my wife came into the room to tell me that the worker had left. I swear to God I heard Nittany shout, “Hallelujah, praise the Lord.” Okay, maybe not, but she was still happy to have her freedom and run downstairs to make sure the guy had left for good and wasn’t thinking about coming back.

Yes, I agree Nittany, Hallelujah! 

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  1. Dogs are amazing creatures and I love them with every fiber of my being–whiny, happy, yappy, poopy, or whatever! My Japanese Chin (Charlie Chin) the gentleman, thought he was a human. He participated in conversations by looking from one to the other—I think he understood every word. My surrogate dog Jazzy throws herself indiscriminately on the feet of anyone within running distance begging for a belly rub. I call her the ‘slut dog’. ❤️🐶💕 She doesn’t seem to mind.

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  2. Poor girl! I learned first hand how some breeds react to people in their space after taking care of my daughters dogs for a week. They also detest the vacuum so at least one of them was stuck on my bed with the door closed just like your Nittany so that I could vacuum the rug!

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  3. Our first house had a slot in the front door for mail. We had a rottie who would run full force into the door growling and barking when the mailman came and rip the mail through the slot. I’d come home from work to find some shredded letters. I wonder what the mailman thought?

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  4. Aww, Nittany is gorgeous, Brian. What doleful eyes she’s got. I can understand her being desperate to get to the worker; after all, she probably thinks she’s just trying to protect you and her house and all that’s in it. It’s her job, after all, isn’t it 😉?

    My cat, Peanut, rather likes visitors coming to my house, but she will insist on following them about to make sure they’re not making off with any treasures like her toy mouse or her favourite pink feather on a stick. She also has a habit of climbing into any Tom, Dick and Harry’s workboxes, bags, briefcases, or rucksacks; you name it, and she’ll have a go at climbing into them. I think she’s hoping to find some Dreamies (cat treats) in there.

    I think Nittany deserves a new bone for being such a responsible human-owner 😊.

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    1. Oh, you give her too much credit Ellie. She’s not trying to protect us, she’s trying her best to annoy me! Nittany likes visitors, but she barks so much, she scares people away. Ha, ha, as much as she can scare them away. Hmm, a new bone. I’ll have to think about that . . . ha, but she’s got a lot of advocates lobbying for her after this story!

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