Two thumbs up!

Writer Daniel Pink went on social media recently and wrote down a few things that are underrated. His list was short

  • Reading the print edition of a newspaper instead of the digital version.
  • Going for a walk.
  • Making lists.

I grew up with newspapers, yes, they really existed before this thing we call the internet and I used to love getting the Sunday newspaper and lounging around reading the paper and sipping down a cool drink. Sadly, though, I’m not sure I would call the newspaper underrated anymore. If I purchased an actual printed newspaper, the news would be several hours old by the time I sat down to read it, I’d probably end up pulling out my phone to search for an updated version of whatever story I was reading, eliminating the whole purpose of the newspaper.

Yes, I like going for walks too, but I’m not sure I can call them underrated when my wife has to convince me — kicking and screaming — to go with her on one. I love them when they’re done, not so much in the beginning.

And, as for lists, as I’ve mentioned in a past column, I’m a big believer in making lists, but I’ve been trying to go easy on them since I’m trying to actually live more in the moment. Less stress and all.

In any event, I still liked Pink’s idea. I’ve been putting together my own list of things that are underrated. I’m making a change though. Instead of overrated/underrated, I’m calling them things that I would give two hearty thumbs up. Here we go:

–Picking my kids up from school. It’s a chore, but I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that it’s one of those chores that I’ll miss when my last kid is grown and no longer needs a ride home from practice or the end of the school day. (Truth be told, I’m already missing it. Our youngest son drives now and rarely needs a ride. It’s like I’ve worn out my usefulness. When he still asks though I’m all on board!)

–Speaking of driving . . . Long drives with the wife.

–Sweet summertime lemonade outside on the deck or porch. I can’t explain the science, but there is science behind it: lemonade outside naturally tastes better than inside the house. Trust me.

–A book that’s caught your interest.

–A good waiter or waitress. I’m talking about a waiter or waitress who can read your mind and know when you want that extra cup of coffee and will leave you alone when you want to be left alone. My wife thinks I’m crazy, but is that really too much to ask.

–Handwritten notes. 

–Fireworks on the Fourth of July: You can take the boy out of the man, but when it comes to fireworks in the summer, everyone is a kid at heart. 

–My wife’s banana bread. Simple, no-nonsense, down to earth, but oh so heavenly.

We all have our favorites. My underrated is the next person’s overrated. What do you think?

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