When life doesn’t make sense

Last I checked, 2 + 2 still equals 4; two wrongs don’t make a right, and a neutral atom still needs the same number of electrons and protons (at least that’s what I learned long ago).

Sometimes though life has a way of surprising you. For example:

media-998990_640–You carry your phone with you throughout the day; the phone is constantly by your side. You respond to work emails as you run from meeting to meeting. At the end of one meeting, you forget it and quickly retrace your steps and pick it back up. Finally, you pick up your phone to take a few minutes to yourself and, of course, the battery is dead.

halloween-candy-1014629_640–You go to the store and stock up on Halloween candy. You’re careful to pick out the Kit Kats, M&Ms, Snickers, and Laffy Taffys, all your favorites. You figure you’ll be ready for the little cherubs this year. No, mad rush racing to the store to grab the bottom of the bucket candy. You’re on the ball this year. You’re ready. Of course, a week before Halloween, your youngest son opens up one of the bags. You figure why not pick one or two of the pieces and then another and another. You look two days later at the bowl and it’s half gone, where’d it go. So much for being prepared!

room-2559790_640–After a crazy week, my wife suggested that we sit and find something on Netflix. Who doesn’t need a relaxing weekend of binging on mind-numbing television? Sign me up! I couldn’t have been more on board. Now came the hard part, choosing. We could go in so many directions. Several shows came to mind: Stranger Things, Unbelievable, El Camino or even the Last Czars. The choices were many. Of course, after hemming and hawing for five minutes, we came back to an old standard: The West Wing. I should point out we’ve seen the series from start to finish too many times to count. Yes, some things don’t make sense.

dog-2449668_640–You let your dog out to go to the bathroom. You figure all is safe now. You let the dog back inside, give her a treat and turn your back on her. Of course, you turn back around and see her going to the bathroom on your favorite pair of sneakers. “Really, you couldn’t go outside?”

Yes, if 2 + 2 always equaled 4. Sometimes, it equals 5.

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