Black Friday craziness

I turned off my alarm. I didn’t want to wake up our kids. I could still see light from a street lamp outside of our house peaking through the window; however, I reached over and gently nudged my wife. She let out a groan and got up to get dressed.   We had made a deal.... Continue Reading →

Opening the presents

I took a few minutes on Christmas Day after our presents had been exchanged, the wrapping paper ripped away, and the newness of the day had worn off to look over "the crazy mess" beneath our tree. My wife and kids gave me several presents that I'll cherish for years to come including a new leather... Continue Reading →

My life of Christmas crime

I tip-toed into my parent’s room. I’m not sure why I was worried about being quiet. My two older brothers were off doing something with their friends and my mom and dad had left to pick up milk and bread from the store and wouldn't be back home for at least another 15 minutes. I had... Continue Reading →

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