Let the chaos begin!

A little boy runs to his grandfather, two little girls raise up a sign that says, “mommy we love you,” and a young man waits for his girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers. Yes, I wrote recently about how I love airport arrivals. I'm always amazed at how the arrivals gate can bring back my... Continue Reading →

A different kind of rush hour

I saw flashes of red light in front of me. The two cars that I had been following for the past ten minutes started pumping on their brakes. They had been driving at a pretty high rate of speed, but now were coasting to something just above a walk.  I groaned. I had run smack... Continue Reading →

Dealing with life’s annoyances

I’m running late again. I feel like I’m in a perpetual state of lateness. I’ve been late leaving for work. I was late the other day to every single meeting that I had on my schedule. And to top it off for good measure, I've been leaving work later and later in the evening. I... Continue Reading →

Fast and furious and going nowhere fast

I know that I've written blogs on this topic before, but I just couldn't resist. ----------------------------- I let off the brake and moved my car a few feet ahead before braking again. A line of red brake lights, two-lanes deep, spread before me in the darkened horizon like a pack of ants crawling in formation.... Continue Reading →

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