Humble and kind

I walked away with tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t have been more thant six or seven years old. I turned around to try my case before the judge and jury one more time, but my mom had enough of my shenanigans and simply pointed to my room She was sending me there to... Continue Reading →

Keeping track of life’s unwritten rules

In Major League Baseball, when you hit a homerun, you keep your head down and take your base. No showboating. No “look at me, look how special I am” bat flips. No showing up the pitcher or the other team or you’re likely to get a 95-mph fastball aimed at your ear the next time... Continue Reading →

Throwing out the writing rules

While I enjoy a well-written passage, I try not to fret too much over hard-and-fast writing rules. I suspect it’s having spent too much time with too many know-it-all engineers and business folk over the years (you all know who you are) and having listened one too many times to how important their jobs are... Continue Reading →

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