Things that I would have thought extravagant

My wife came home tired from a long day. She threw her bag on the floor and laid on the couch. I was tired too, so I joined her. The two of us sprawled out, looked like we had fought a war. With our arms covering our eyes, we focused on our breathing and just... Continue Reading →

My brother’s keeper

In the weeks prior to the Coronavirus bringing everything to a halt in the United States, I had been working in a large city near where I live. I would take the train into the city and during my lunch break, I would go for a long walk. I started the walks to try to... Continue Reading →

Money, money, money!

The older woman sitting across from me looked annoyed to be waiting for help. She looked up angrily at me and kept repositioning the diamond encrusted bangle on her wrist to see the time on her watch. I wasn’t sure what I had done to offend her. I think I might have tried to smile... Continue Reading →

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