I’m done, Part II

Okay, I get it, no one believed me, but I promise you, this year I really am done. Last November, I complained about how the work involved in putting together our annual family calendar had gotten out of control and mentioned that I was giving up the job. (I’m sure that this is the spot that... Continue Reading →

If people were fonts . . .

In my job, I occasionally work with graphic designers and I’ve come to respect them a great deal for everything they bring to a job. They have taste, they have style. Some even have a little pizzazz. I have none of those. For example, I dress myself for work every day and, before I leave... Continue Reading →

This year I’m done!

Every year in November and December, I complain about the work involved in putting together the annual calendar that my wife and I give out as a Christmas gift to family members. I’ll say, “that’s it, I’m done. I’m never going to do this again.” I mean what I say and deservedly so, since it... Continue Reading →

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