Mother Nature tells fall to wait its turn

Mother Nature is a fickle sort. Fall foliage has started to pop across the Northeast. Peak fall foliage where I live is expected to take place over the next ten days. However, Mother Nature is having none of that. In some places you can see the bright multi-colored fingerprints of fall, in others, like a... Continue Reading →

Wedding bells and smiling faces on the page

The faces staring back at me look so young. They’re happy and full of smiles. There’s some nervousness too, but excitement about the wedding taking place in a few minutes. There’s my sister-in-law in her maid of honor dress and my best man looking dapper in his black tux. There’s lots of family members, college... Continue Reading →

I’m done, Part II

Okay, I get it, no one believed me, but I promise you, this year I really am done. Last November, I complained about how the work involved in putting together our annual family calendar had gotten out of control and mentioned that I was giving up the job. (I’m sure that this is the spot that... Continue Reading →

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