Packing and always being prepared

My wife walked into our bedroom closet and came out with a few outfits that she laid on the bed. She added a couple shirts and other things from a drawer. We still had a couple of days until we left for our weekend away, but her packing was coming together.  Of course, you have... Continue Reading →

Good parent or a packrat?

Two miniature Polly Pockets have smiles on their faces and sit precariously on the ledge of a table in between several tealight candles and several old DVDs of long forgotten movies, National Treasure, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Little Women to be specific. In another corner, several Rescue Heroes have fallen over on their... Continue Reading →

My top-ten list on the benefits of list-making

I’m a man of lists. I love everything about them. How much so? In 400 words or less, I can tell you: --They keep me organized and moving in the right direction. --They satisfy my perfectionist-keep-working-until-you-get-it-right nature. --They’re easy to complete and I like the feeling of checking tasks off. There goes another! --They help... Continue Reading →

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