The five-minute go-back-in-time button

I rubbed my eyes, wrote a quick comment, and hit send. I noticed my mistake immediately. I clicked on “Reply All” instead of replying directly to the sender. I cried out like I had been shot in the chest, frustrated and mad at myself for my error. My comment wasn’t horrible, but it contained a... Continue Reading →

‘The wheels on the bus go round and round’

You felt every rut and groove in the winding country road. If the bus driver traveled too fast around a curve, you went sliding into the person next to you as if the ride to school had strangely turned into the spinning teacups ride at the nearest amusement park. You’d pull yourself away from your... Continue Reading →

When I think of my kids

I thought of my daughter today. My sons were there too. They were all young, still in their pajamas and they were all lying on the living room floor, coloring in their coloring books, watching Saturday morning cartoons. I see all three of them clear as day. Two with wispy blond hair, the third with... Continue Reading →

The more we see, the less we understand

I looked around the dimly lit auditorium and noted the thick cushioned seats, large stage curtain, and cement walls. I sat in an auditorium just like this one more than thirty years ago at my high school baccalaureate service. Like then, I was scrunched up close to the person next to me in the muggy... Continue Reading →

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