Cool jazz!

I see the train coming down the tracks. The smart thing would be to move, to get out of the way, but I'm memorized. I can't take a step back or a forward, my legs are full of jelly. Yes, my wife and I enter the high school and take an empty seat in the... Continue Reading →

Life is a highway

I flip through the cardboard box of compact discs and my heart tugs. CDs of every genre — rock, country, jazz, christian and classical — are scattered in the box. One of the first ones that I see is the soundtrack to the movie Cars. I turn the CD over to look at the order... Continue Reading →

Climbing a challenging mountain one step at a time

I look in my son’s room and find him sitting one leg scrunched underneath him, the other hanging from his chair, pouring over his computer screen and a nearby tablet. He’s been working on his homework for much of the weekend. As a junior, he’s got a heavy load with Pre-Calculus and two AP classes,... Continue Reading →

The sound of silence

I took the train home from work recently and I looked to be the lone person on the car without headphones. I noticed it first on the platform: everyone was head-down, headphones in place, looking at their phones. Later on the train, I sat up at one point to stretch my neck and looked in... Continue Reading →

Three choices, three albums

I was skimming Twitter the other day, when I came across a classic question of life: If you’re stuck on a deserted island, what three albums would you take? When I read the question, my first thought was to question how you might play the albums on the island, but have no way to call for... Continue Reading →

The power of music

Music touches us in millions of different ways. We hear a song on the radio or television, maybe we even learn the words and sing along with friends, and within a few months, it's gone. The song is pushed back on the play list, but ten years go by and you hear it again and... Continue Reading →

Trying to become a Music Man

I wrote in a blog not too long ago that I don’t regret anything that I’ve done with my life. You collect all the information you can and then you make the best decision you can in that particular moment. I stand by that comment. I don’t regret anything. However, I must admit to having... Continue Reading →

My top five most overplayed Christmas songs

I let out a scream. I had had enough of sports talk radio, the rock station I was listening to seemed to fill the air with more talk than music, and Spotify and Audible weren’t cutting it. I turned to one of the local radio stations playing Christmas music round-the-clock and, of course, within a... Continue Reading →

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