I ran from my office building to the parking garage, I was excited to be getting off from work early. I was going to be able to get home in time to watch my son’s football practice. Our oldest son was playing Pee Wee Football and I had been running late to every practice, catching... Continue Reading →

Signs, sign, everywhere a sign

One sign gave an ominous warning, “Do not cross. Thank you.” Another advertised a national weight loss program. Still another promoted a new video streaming service. Finally two more announced a train crossing and “Road Work Ahead.” I felt like the Aerosmith song was playing itself out in front of me: “Sign, sign, everywhere a... Continue Reading →

Losing my marbles? No, just my wallet

I’m freaking out. One minute, I had my wallet, I had it in my hands. The next minute, I can’t find it. My wallet is gone and I’m panicking. Did I lose it? Did I leave it at the gym or just inside the center console of my car? Where did it go? I’m freaking... Continue Reading →

Losing my glasses

My fingers feel around the bedside table. I feel the glass of water that I had set on the table the night before. I feel the remote control too, but no eye glasses. My patience is staring to wain, I can feel the annoyance starting to build in my chest. I can’t find my glasses.... Continue Reading →

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