A mistaken identity

She had the same wispy, gray hair and hesitant smile that I remembered. I was out for a walk a few weeks ago and walked by a house where an old lady, bundled in a jacket, rocked back and forth in a rocking chair on her porch. I could hear her humming and old religious... Continue Reading →

Expecto Patronum

Indigenous cultures occasionally focus on spirit animals who help guide and direct them during times of trouble. It’s not just the native cultures, but modern day fiction too. In J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World of Magic, Harry Potter’s Patronus charm takes the shape of a stag, just like his father. Wizards use the spell as protection in... Continue Reading →

Looking for some good advice

My 14-year-old son yawned and rolled his eyes. He was getting tired of being lectured. I was getting tired having to remind him to clean up his room, take out the trash and help with family chores. I saw a losing battle and stormed away mad. I walked up the stairs to my bedroom, grumbling... Continue Reading →

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