Howdy partner!

My wife and I sat down at the restaurant and ordered our dinner. My wife had a tough week, and we needed a relaxing night out. I tried to focus on my wife, but I couldn’t stop looking at the guy sitting in the far corner.  The guy looked normal enough. He was tall and... Continue Reading →

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Let’s talk hair.  When I was a kid, I had wild, wavy hair that had a mind of its own. I'd be in our tiny little bathroom and I'd comb it one way and by the time I'd walk out to the kitchen for my mother's inspection, it would have gone in a completely different... Continue Reading →

Fashion lessons from “The Rock”

Last fall my son raced down the stairs excited to go to his friend’s birthday party. He had been talking about the party all week. I looked at his outfit and tried my best to share his excitement, but also offer some fatherly advice. “Hmm, nice outfit. Are you sure you want to dress like... Continue Reading →

Telling time

I splurged last night. I bought myself a new watch. It's a finely tuned quartz chronograph with Swiss components and is water resistant to 100 meters. Some people shop and collect clothes. I collect watches. (I should add that most of my watches are moderately priced ones within my limited budget.) In this day and... Continue Reading →

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