How did I not know?

My wife and I have been married for 29 years. When you’ve lived together that long with another person, you start to think you’ve seen and heard it all. You start to feel like you’ve come to know your wife and kids, their likes, preferences, better than you know yourself.  However, I found out this... Continue Reading →

Entering Grocery Store Hell

The little kid walked without purpose or direction in front of his dad. He wanted no parts of the trip to the grocery store. However, his dad’s cart had just a few items and looked like they were just getting started. When I ran into them again in the next aisle over though, the young... Continue Reading →

Sailing against the tide

I’m a list guy. On the left-hand side of the page, I had listed out the reasons why I should stay at my job, on the right, I had listed out the reasons why I should leave. I had started the list as a theoretical “let’s get a few laughs” exercise. I had been thinking... Continue Reading →

Decisions! Decisions!

The challenges come fast. As soon as I get out of bed in the morning, I’m faced with a decision. Shave or keep the stubble? Business or casual attire for my work? Before I get loaded down with meetings, though, I need to decide what to eat for breakfast? Eggs, cereal, or simply coffee?  I... Continue Reading →

A different kind of background check

I had to fill out a background check for a new job last week and they asked all the normal questions, home address and employment history for the past seven years. The questions were exactly as you might expect, but I thought they missed a real chance to get know me better.  Yup, I think... Continue Reading →

Trying to become a Music Man

I wrote in a blog not too long ago that I don’t regret anything that I’ve done with my life. You collect all the information you can and then you make the best decision you can in that particular moment. I stand by that comment. I don’t regret anything. However, I must admit to having... Continue Reading →

Looking for some new wheels

My car is starting to die. The car starts fine, but when you push the gas pedal to a modest 35 to 40 mph, it starts to shake and shimmy and something metallic in the engine starts to rattle. When the noise starts, I normally just turn up the volume on my radio or music... Continue Reading →

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