What album would you choose?

The winds coming off the Pacific Ocean gently rustle the leaves of a nearby tree and mix with the sound of the waves hitting the shoreline to create a relaxing symphony of sounds. I could easily fall asleep thinking of the image, but a perplexing question has taken over my thoughts. I can't stop thinking... Continue Reading →

The psychology of choice

When the Magic Kingdom in Orlando opened in October 1971, success was far from certain. Oh sure, Walt Disney had opened Disneyland in Anaheim in 1955 and its success hinted at what was to come, but the Magic Kingdom was significantly larger and Walt Disney had passed away five years prior to the opening. When... Continue Reading →

Pinewood Derby parenting lessons

When my sons participated in the Cub Scouts, the pack would always have a Christmas party. The celebration was always a ton of fun, until the very end of the evening. I dreaded that part of the night, because that’s when the pack leaders would hand out the Pinewood Derby kits. Each individual cub scout... Continue Reading →

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