Shutting out the world

The world can be a loud and crazy place. For every believer or supporter, we'll run into ten other doubters. Sometimes we need to tell others to be quiet, and to trust the artist inside of us. We need close the blinds to the outside world and trust ourselves! We need to trust our instinct.... Continue Reading →

Struggling to find the right words

I sit down to write, but nothing comes. I'll see something in the news or on social media that touches me or a politician will say something in this crazy climate that will make my blood boil. I’ll think to myself, how can they be so uneducated or even uncaring, but when I sit down... Continue Reading →

The artist dying to come out

When I was 20, I took a drawing class. I believed in the Liberal Arts tradition that college should be about more than just checking off a list of required classes. I believed that college should help you to become a better person. You should learn a career or trade, but also learn about yourself... Continue Reading →

The power of music

Music touches us in millions of different ways. We hear a song on the radio or television, maybe we even learn the words and sing along with friends, and within a few months, it's gone. The song is pushed back on the play list, but ten years go by and you hear it again and... Continue Reading →

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