The birth of a blogger

I try to live in the moment, but sometimes its fun to look back nostalgically on the past. I look back on one of my first blogs six years ago. Hopefully the blog still serves as a good introduction to my writing and to me.

When I was young child, I was small for my age and struggled to get my thoughts out. I’d stutter or stammer over the smallest things. Writing was a different story. I could create new worlds or endings to my favorite books.  I soon learned that I didn’t have to be the biggest kid in the class or the most talkative. I could use my creativity and my writing to get me through class or to make new friends.

Fortunately for me as I grew into my body and matured, my stutter soon disappeared. My love of writing, though, did not.

I write now to communicate and touch my reader, and even more important, figure out exactly what I think about life. I write too to figure out how I feel about the many different hats and roles that I play in my life: husband, father, son, friend, coworker and a million other roles.

My writing tends to have a mind of its own. Since my youth, I’ve always known that I will one day write a book. I have a couple half-written novels and memoirs thrown in the back of a junk drawer. I’ll get around to finishing them one day.

In the meantime, however, I’ve started this blog to give me a chance to get my thoughts out into the blogosphere. Some of my blogs will be short. Others will be lengthier short stories or thought pieces that I’m looking for feedback.

I’m asked a lot by friends over the years to describe my writing. I’ve never really had a good response. I find that no one word or description really fits. In the end, all that matters is that I’m writing and I’m speaking up and letting my voice be heard.

Thank you for reading.

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