Love will find a way

Life can knock you down.

The day-to-day struggles can make you feel less than whole. We all hit these struggles from time to time. I seem to have hit my share lately, nothing big in the grand scheme of things, but still very annoying and even a bit disappointing.


In situations like this, my perfectionist nature comes out. I want to respond to the stress and tension building up inside of me and fix the problem right away so that I can quickly get back to some form of normalcy. I want the problem gone. I want it in the rear view mirror.

Unfortunately, life has a way of laughing at our plans. Life looks at you with a quizzical face and says, “Really? That’s your plan?” Before you have time to react, it rushes up and smacks you in the face.

Does this sound familiar?

So, I found myself recently sitting at our dinner table feeling lost and defeated. Life had gotten the best of me. Life was demanding my white flag. Or so I thought.


But then a wonderful thing happened. I looked up and saw my beautiful family. I saw my wife and kids helping each other. I saw the love they have for each other and it hit me: I’m actually very, very lucky. The world is critical and cold and and it might have its issues with me, but my family has my back.

The morale of my little story for the day: Life has a way of smacking you down, but God’s love has a way of restoring your mindset and bringing you peace. So, keep fighting, keep pushing, and keep the faith, better days are around the corner.

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