Do you have a pen and paper?

I run down to our kitchen to grab a quick cup of coffee before my next meeting. I need the jolt of energy. I pour the coffee into my cup and instantly see a note in my wife’s handwriting on the breakfast bar. The note asks my daughter or me to pull the laundry out of the washer when it’s done and put it into the dryer. 

When I inspect the note closer, I break out into a laugh. I can’t help myself. I’m not laughing at my wife’s request. I wouldn’t dare do that. I know what’s good for me. No, no, I’m laughing that my wife wrote it on a ragged piece of paper towel. 

In the grand scheme of things, we’re a family of plenty. We have a warm house, a refrigerator full of groceries, two cars, we pay our bills on time, we whine about the price of gas going up, but we still manage to take long trips. We have all these things, but, when it comes to writing a quick note, a piece of paper and a pen can not be found. 

My wife was in a rush and, of course, grabbed the first thing she could find. A paper towel, yes. Paper, no. Yellow Sharpie, yes. Pen or pencil, no way. Who knew Brawny Paper Towels could work in a pinch?

I make fun, but we can’t be the only busy family that has this problem. Are we? Really? 

And oh yea, I check the washer and my daughter has already switched out the laundry. I guess “a paper towel note and sharpie” may not look all that professional, but they still do the trick! 

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