A new year, a new start

I love the start of a new year. The calendar is fresh and full of possibilities. I’m, three days behind, but I love that if you want work on something in your life or pick up a new hobby, the calendar is wide open.

estee-janssens-396889-unsplashYes, some people hate resolutions and many others love them one minute and forget about them the next. In fact, I suspect many people have already given up on their New Year’s resolution. They’ve been long forgotten.

For me, though, they’re something different. The new year represents a chance to wipe the chalkboard clean and start anew. Like fresh fallen snow, you have a chance to break new ground, plant new footprints on the ground, before the cynicism and skepticism of everyday life muddies the path.

In short, the sky is the limit.

How will you spend your new year? Here’s my goals:

Goal Improvement Action Step Measurement
Improved health. Start running again; implement a new strength program; take up a healthier diet. Run daily; walk 30 minutes over lunch; eat more vegetables and fruits. Run a half marathon in the spring and a marathon in the fall.
Improved stress levels. Improve my mental and  emotional health. Learn a new hobby;  create a daily gratitude journal; read more books; worry about what I can control, let everything else go. Improved health scores.
Improved creativity. Improve the quality and marketing of my writing. Come up with a new blog design; finish the last quarter of my novel and send out to potential readers for input. Write two blogs a week and finish my novel in 2019.

Wish me luck.


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