Bonding over back-to-school worries

I’ve had several conversations and viewed numerous social media posts over the past two weeks about friends helping pack-up their children for college. And then I had this conversation.


We were just two parents concerned about our kids going back-to-school. She told me her worries and I shared mine. We could have been reading from the same list: 

–How will our daughters handle the academics?

–Will our daughters speak up in class and make new friends?

–Will they join in and participate in new activities?

–Will they know where to go?

–Will they have a good teacher?

–What else do they need for school? A good back pack?  Notebooks?

books-933333_1920After we chatted for a little while — both of us waiting in-line for the cafeteria cashier to ring up our lunch I finally asked my acquaintance what year her daughter was entering. “Oh she’s getting ready to go into kindergarten. She can’t wait,” she said. “What about your daughter?”

Um, sophomore year of college.

It doesn’t matter the age, a parent’s job is never done. We all end-up worrying about many of the same things.

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